P2C 100Series How many pieces does a container load?

1. C-100 Box size (mm) : 552(W) x 510(D) x 391 (H)
2. 20ft container : 264 pcs
3. 40ft container : 552 pcs

P2C 100Series How to request a RMA

1) RMA Procedure
1-1) Join our website.
1-2) Login and click the partners menu.
1-3) Fill out RMA request form and check the serial number for warranty.
1-4) Check it’s warranty in or out.
1-4-1) If it’s out of warranty, estimated cost will be sent to you.
If you agree, then go to the next procedure 1-5.
1-4-2) If it’s warranty in, then go to the next procedure 1-5.
1-5) Fill out the shipping documents (commercial invoice and packing list)
1-6) Send RMA parts upon confirmation on your shipping documents.
1-7) The repaired or replaced RMA parts will be sent to you.

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