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Who we are

POS Hardware Brand, P2C


P2C is a hardware brand of IMU Inc.

P2C is welcomed as a global brand in USA, Japan, China and Thai. With global solutions and consulting, P2C provides advanced services and optimized solutions for you.

We listen to you and work with you passionately to be successful.

CI Concept
P2C will define its corporate identity by representing P2C’s CI consistently through its core design and its symbolic design.

We connected the letter P (representing professionalism, passion) and the letter C (representing customer and creativity) with the number 2 (two) to connect the two concepts.

The color red shows the passionate nature and the black represents the professional corporate image

Progressive …Temperate … Creative

symbolizing the progressive nature of our business, and to show that we are leader in our field in our time,Our product shows both Progressive and Temperate features, and with Creative elements embedded in our thinking and our product.

Professional group To Customer          Passion To Customer

Professional group To Customer                     Passion To Custome

CI Signature

The signature can be used in English or combination of both English and Korean.

Other than the type of combination listed, combinations should not be used arbitrarily by the user..

English/ Korean Combined
CI Color System
P2C's color is an important factor in forming the identity of our product. Applied to various visual media passing the important features of the image of P2C.
We have openly expressed our company commitment and values A Passion for our customer! P2C's corporate philosophy is embedded in the freely written handwriting
CI Download

P2C CI can be downloaded in both jpg and AI file.

Arbitrarily adjusting the layout of P2C CI is strictly prohibited.

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Now is time to choose your business partner. Please contact P2C now! upsolution POS

Contact us   02-034-0687-8 , Fax : 02-034-0668  Sales : 098-256-9305

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