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P2C 250 Series

All in One POS System P2C 250 Series


A true all-in-one with Kiosk and POS as one product

Industry's first multi-monitor support, various and wide I/O Interface,

All aluminum super heat dissipation frame design


Smooth and stable design customized for J200 Series
All in One POS System It can be used as POS (horizontal) / Kiosk (vertical) type with simple assembly


Smart Desk Dock System

P 2 C 250


Smooth and stable design with user convenience as the top priority

Easy cable arrangement, convenient maintenance with simple structure,

Stable performance with strong durability


About 3 times better than J1900 and about 15% CPU performance improvement over I3


P2C G250 equipped with J4125 CPU provides basic 4GB Base Memory and 64bite Windows OS provides the fastest and best performance in Korea.


Provides the best I/O Interface (6Serial, 6USB)



Industry's first multi-monitor support (HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA)

All Serial Ports Powered (Powered Serial)

Supports 2 kitchen printers

Supports various types of serial ports


Aluminum frame structure to optimize CPU heat dissipation

200K aluminum frame construction that covers the entire back

Fanless application even for high-end CPUs (i3/i5/i7)

Excellent anti-static effect

Optimized CPU heat dissipation to ensure longevity of internal components

Power supply secure fastening structure

Reverse current prevention (blocking board shock through reverse current fundamentally)

A strong lock that does not come off easily

Application of the plug type regardless of the direction of the power cable (connection protection)

Equipped with HW operation status indicator

Immediately check through the operation status LED when hardware abnormality is detected (disk connection and abnormality, operation status, etc.)

P2C (three-state management) vs third-party (two-state management)

SSD sliding structure design

Easy replacement with SSD sliding structure design (within 5 seconds)

Prevent breakage due to reverse insertion

Rail structure to absorb vibration (SSD protection even in micro vibrations)

*Patent registration
- Easy dismounting and mounting of discs, and a full-layer structure tray to prevent poor contact

simple structure
Easy to disassemble / assemble with 3-layer structure

Easy cable organization
Easy cable organization with stand frame
Apply the back cover to prevent the cable from being visible after installation

Dual monitor one-touch installation

Easy and quick installation with automatic coupling structure
One integrated cable structure (One Cable-Power/Touch/DATA)
Adjust the monitor angle by rotating up, down, left, and right
*Patent registration
- Pocket hinge structure for easy monitor mounting

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